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Your Thoughts on Reward Programs- Survey Wednesday

There are so many rewards programs out there, and as a saavy shopper it is always smart to know your options! Now I have often thought about the time spent versus the reward gained from the different ways to save out there. I personally think that EXTREME couponing, where in one purchases 80 jars of mustard for 37 cents, is a waste of time. I could make better use of my time going to a JOB for an hour or 2 and be able to purchase those very same jars of mustard at full price.


Going to sites like CouponTrade, is a no-brainer. You can basically just choose how much you want to save at which stores, with a discounted gift card. 5 minutes for $5 or more dollars works out to a minimum of $100 per hour and that is worth it to me! But what about all of the different “reward sites” out there? How much do you gain for the time you spend doing tasks for your rewards?


We’ve asked the blogger community of savings experts, and this is what they have to say!

  •  I cash out about $10 a week in Amazon gift cards.
  • I do everyday and earn about $25 a month on Amazon Gift Cards, which I use to pay for the kids Christmas Gifts.
  • We do regularly and buy cmas/bday presents and stuff for the past 4 years!!!
  • I make about $20 per month on one, and $20 on the other.
  • I cash in for $25 amazon at a time or a few months before Christmas I try to get them up to $100. Points add up pretty quickly!


So do you use rewards sites? Which ones do you like, and do you think it is worth the time?



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