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Weekly Horoscope Savings 3/30

Taurus: Happy Birthday Taurus! This week is full of romantic activity. Give yourself the birthday gift of love, and do something passionate and playful with your significant other. Trying something different can do wonders for your relationship this week, so shake it up! Maybe a relaxing couples massage or spa treatment with a 20% off discount?

Gemini: The Moon and Mars are lining up in the first half of your week which can cause you to become easily agitated or stressed by the objects around you. Our tip: Organize your thoughts and your space. Start a decluttering/organization project to throw your energy into. Things will look up towards the end of the week with motivation for healthier habits, and maybe a possible job opportunity?

taurus constellation

Happy, happy birthday to you Taurus!

Cancer: Expand your horizons this week! Travel a little further, explore a new area, or find another groove. Not only should you expand your travels, but expand your view point. You and a friend might find yourself feuding over a difference in opinions. Be accepting and respectful of their views. Although this beginning to your week may be a little stressful, tone it down towards the end. Curl up on the couch on a Friday night, order your favorite take-out, and watch a movie with a free movie trial from Netflix. Treat yourself to the relaxation you deserve! Beware: at the end of the week a supermoon and Scorpio will align. This may cause an intense rush of dramatic feelings.

Leo: You will start your week off with a bang. Someone will try to challenge your position on something, but Leo is not having it. Stand up for what you believe in firmly, but maintain composure. Once that is over, it is time to focus on family. Family will have a major role in your life this week so plan something fun with them for the weekend. Maybe a ticket for the hottest concert, sporting event, or picnic will do the trick. You will find this to be very rewarding!

Virgo: Go get em Virgo! The moon and a white-hot Mars are connected this week causing you to be a hard working go-getter! Keep up the pace for better opportunities in your field. Towards the end of the work week, finances will come into focus. Don’t be afraid to spend on a quality investment while still being a savvy shopper. Coupons, daily deals, and clearance sales can allow for you to make a cheaper investment on a quality product you have been looking forward to purchasing.

Libra: This week will be a touchy one, Libra. You may get in touch with some deeply buried issues and find yourself a little agitated. Charity work can help you with this week’s problems. Make a sacrifice for someone close to you and you will find yourself feeling better in no time! On Thursday, the Moon and Saturn will connect and help you make one of your passions a reality. Maybe you have an artistic endeavor? Home decorating project? New home-cooked recipes?

Scorpio: It’s time to place nice, Scorpio! You’re always striving to be victorious, but you are not always nice to people along the way. Your accomplishments won’t be as satisfying this way. If you are feuding with someone, don’t wait for them to apologize, extend a truce yourself. Put your stingers away and start approaching people with more ease and kindness. Making yourself vulnerable is key this week and this can be done by planning an impromptu journey. Pack up your car or get a  discounted rental car for the day and take an overnight trip with your closest friends. Light activities will make it easier for you to talk about your emotions. For the things you cannot say, try saying them in your own words with a free greeting card.

Sagittarius: You are so close to the finish line, Sagittarius, and you need a strong pair of running shoes to get there. You may be eager to try something else, but stick to one goal and don’t lose your focus. You may need help from someone to give you that extra push to complete your mission.  Also, you’ll need a mood boost this week and you can attain this by exploring wide open spaces. Plan your social life around the outdoors, scope out scenic areas to practice yoga or organize outdoor sports with friends. You’ll need fresh air and physical activity this week to stay on point.

Capricorn: Love is in the air as the Taurus Sun is heating up your zone. You need to stop daydreaming inside of a fairytale book and make assertive action yourself. Searching for love can be all about location. Internet and dating sites may be the right place to start. Mars is calling you to step outside your comfort zone in out-of-town areas, possibly even cities that are not accessible by foot!

If you’re in a relationship, stepping outside your comfort zone should still be at the top of your list. Take your significant other traveling afar. If you’re on a budget, go out for drinks at a restaurant you haven’t tried at a town nearby. It’s time to remind each other how much you care.

Aquarius: You are slowly becoming obsessed with decorating your digs this week. The Sun, Mars and transformational Pluto connect in the home zones, leading the way for some home improvements! Make sure you take time to budget. Whether you are cleaning house, rearranging furniture, or ripping out every tile from the ground up, you must be aware of your spending before you do so. Being one of the more social signs, you love to entertain. Transforming your home will give you a reason to have a big group of your friends over for something along the lines of a potluck or theme party!

Pisces: Your brain is thirsting for some stimulation. Educate yourself this week.  Download a variety of different e-books to listen to on your commute or get a nice paperback book to paw through at night. If you have time, sit in the local library and attend different lectures and workshops. Pisces are quite the conversationalists and by opening yourself up to fresh ideas and concepts you will be able to spark up some great conversation with someone.

Aries: The Sun and Mars are in your personal arena, providing you with good health. Improving your health is important this week. It’s time to kick your bad habits. You will be far more productive with a better diet and exercise regime. Get on the right path with 30-minute workouts. Lower your stress levels with relaxing teas and yoga classes and meditation. Take your vitamins and start your days out early.  It’s time to detoxify from the inside out.

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