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Travel Saving Tips and Coupon Codes for the Road

I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a travel junkie, and It’s that time of year where I’m feeling the itch to just pack a suitcase and say la vie! As a seasoned traveler I’ve picked up a few tips or two on how to save.


Save with coupons, take the whole family!

After all, being stranded somewhere with little to no cash isn’t exactly down time! But with a little guidance, you’ll be sipping your mojitos, getting a nice tan, and feeling the nice summer breeze.

1.    First things first, flights can be expensive and can limit your dream vacation that you’ve been planning in your head. Everyone knows about last minute deals and cheap airfare that you can get with Travelcity coupon codes and CheapOAir coupon codes, but what most don’t know is that you can get even further savings by using CouponTrade’s coupons which can get you as much as $50 off your airfare on their sites.

2.    Look for Hotel packages with a theme. You can get a romantic getaway that includes riding horseback on the beach, or go for a kayaking adventure. These deals often include breakfast as well as lunch. Also, when traveling, save on food while going to the local stores for snacks, instead of always eating out, that way you can use the extra money for that fancy restaurant that your guidebook recommended you.

3.    If you’re traveling abroad, invest in a Eurorail pass. It’s a great way to view the scenery as well as travel more places without having to rent a car. You can travel throughout Germany or Italy starting at $51 with a 1-country pass, and up to two countries starting at $176. If renting is more your style, check out CouponTrade’s coupons for car rental services!

4.    Last of all, travel light! I know it gets said a lot, but I’ve learned the hard way that I do not need 4 pairs of shoes, two suitcases, or even a blow dryer (most hotels accommodate that, but check first).  You’ll be surprised at what you can get along with, and it can even feel freeing. Also, be sure to invest in a good suitcase or backpack that will last throughout the trip. Check out our luggage coupon codes to find the right pack for you!

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  • Michael

    Thanks for the tips on traveling. I recently was able to purchase several egift cards for thehotelcard.com which is a partner of Priceline. I was hoping to forward on much of the savings by listing them here on CouponTrade.com but they were declined due to there not being a consistent means of verifying there value without activating the ecard itself. In any case, I have 14 of the $50 egift cards that I would like to sell. Since I am unable to list them, is it possible to allow anyone that is interested in buying these, to send me a private message? I would sell them for about what I paid for a number of them which is about $16 each. Thus the traveler is able to get a discount of $34 in addition to the discounted rooms on this Priceline affiliate. Please let me know your thoughts.

    • msullivan

      HI Michael, go ahead and give our customer support team a call. They can help you verify the balance on those gift cards and sell them at the right discount. Thanks so much!


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