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Taste Testing Time: Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares

Working for a savings company comes with some special perks, like a taste test kit from Ghirardelli Chocolate!


hmmmm Ghirardelli Chocolate!

Here’s some of the new flavors we got to try:

Intense Dark Evening Dream: “Evening Dream (60%) is a perfect blend of all natural chocolate, with a taste that isn’t too overpowering. I happen to like dark chocolate, but I was still worried this may be too “intense” of an evening dream for me. . .It wasn’t” -Anthony Pilolli

Intense Dark Midnight Reverie: “I love dark chocolate. This is perfect. – Bryan Keehl

Sea Salt Escape: “These were a great balance between salty and sweet. They tasted almost a little pretzel-y”- Megan Marie Sullivan

Sea Salt Caramel: “I am a shy girl around Dark Chocolate. There’s always fear that it will be too much, a strong lingering taste. After trying Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel filling I approve of dark chocolate, at least with this particular Ghirardelli square. The caramel ooze dripped in perfect unison to the sea salted chocolate. The combination was delectable! If one ingredient didn’t have the other it wouldn’t have had this perfect taste.”- Lindsay Wallis

Some of the older classics we enjoyed are:

Milk Chocolate Truffle: “These are dangerous. I could easily see myself eating through an amount of these that I would regret eating afterwards. Melting is probably a considerable risk with chocolates of this smoothness. Refrigerator storage was a good idea”- Riley Rook

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Filling- “When you bite into the Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling, the chocolate surprises the senses, and an abrupt taste change to raspberry brings a delightful aftertaste, like a sweet jam.”- Ross Meister

Dark Chocolate Truffle: “This was dark-chocolately and bitter. When you try dark chocolate and realize you hate it then the sweet truffleness kicks in and says “Wow! This is actually pleasant.”” -Angelo Loumis

One of our team members expressed concerns over the combination of chocolate and mushrooms . . . . just kidding! Ghirardelli Chocolate and truffle flavors are made with a chocolate “truffle” filling based on chocolate recipes from France. Can you say YUM-O!

Some of the other flavors that we enjoyed were Milk Chocolate Creamy Devotion (32%), Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree, and Intense Dark Twilight Delight.

Want to try some of the new Ghirardelli Chocolates? Or maybe just stick to your old trusty favorites? Check out our Ghirardelli coupon codes and all of our food and candy coupon codes online!

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