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Surprise! 50% off Flash Sale Starts tonight!

We hate to tease, but we’re having some trouble keeping secrets around here. At midnight tonight, we’re launching another flash sale with a national brand, and we’ll be selling those gift cards half-off while supplies last!

To celebrate, we’ll also give away over $2,000 in prizes and gift cards! Check back here tonight to see details about how to enter.

If you’re up tonight and ready to save some cash, check CouponTrade.com tonight at 12 AM CST for an amazing deal that’s too good to pass up!


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  • Jann Lienhard

    who would not love to receive a gift card. Any company or type is always appreciated by anyone, especially me!!!!!

  • Jennie Thomas

    I am on a budget so anything helps in this economy. I love Gift Cards.

  • Carol

    This is great!

  • Angela Sheeler

    Hi Coupon Trade….. Was hoping to score the Shell GC but site wont load. I have been doing so much traveling lately and this would help out soooo soooo much ….


    • msullivan

      Hi Angie, we are experiencing some high demand right now. We’ll be holding on to 1,000 gift cards for those who stayed up late and were not able to get Shell gift card. Just email oursitecrashed@coupontrade.com to learn more.

  • Christine

    Great! How do we enter?

  • Syd

    I Would Love To Have A Gift Card!!!

  • Brenda

    I had some issues using a Mastercard, it kept getting denied or some message it was showing me. So I tried a Visa card to buy the Shell giftcard and it went through just fine. One problem, I now see 4 pending $10 charges on my Mastercard account all within a few minute period when I was trying to order, and those orders don’t show in my coupon trade account. I sure hope those 4 pending charges “fall off” in the next few days. Unless of course you’re going to send me 5 GC’s total, lol.



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