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3 Things Every College Student Can Start Saving On


Paying my first month’s rent, a few trips to Target and the grocery store. It was a hectic move in weekend here at college. After my weekend expenses, starting my semester with student discounts will surely help make up for all that spending. Here are a few ways I am saving and taking advantage of being a student!



Classes are starting soon, which means it’s time for dreaded textbook shopping. Knowing that after spending big bucks on a few books the sellback prices are rarely half the original price makes it even worse. Renting is the way to go for the best deals on books. It’s cheaper and easier!  There are several companies that offer book rentals such as CampusBookRentals.com and eCampus.com. Right now, Chegg has 5% off book rentals! Check our recent blog post about coupons for textbooks, too!


Book rentals are the way to go!



Food is an essential part of the college life. Not all of us may be the next top chef, but somehow we get by. Food is one of my top expenses. Eating out, buying groceries, it adds up. Grab a Restaurant.com discounted gift card and save on meals at tons of local food places. I’m talking like 80% off! Check out the food places on your campus to see which ones offer student discounts. Pile on a Restaurant.com discounted gift card, too! More savings. More food!



Cheap eats!



As much as some of us would like to be done with school, take advantage of being a student! You know why? DISCOUNTS!  Discounts on clothes! I’m going to let you in on the secret. Be prepared to be surprised! Top retailers have student discounts! Yes, they have them! Stores such as J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Top Shop, The Limited all offer student discounts for 10%-15%! Bring your student ID to the mall next time.


Who doesn’t love a discount on clothes?


It’s not too early to start thinking about Halloween costume either! Halloween is a big college holiday. Get a head start and a discount with this Wholesale Halloween Costumes coupon code!


A couple bucks here and there adds up so start the semester off right with discounts! What are the ways you save at school?



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