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Savings Horoscope, Week of April 23

Happy birthday, Taurus! Feel like you’re finally out of a haze that lasted for weeks? Mars, the planet of drive and ambition, came out of a three-month retrograde period last week. This prompts all the signs of the Zodiac to be more energized and concentrated on meeting their goals. This is a wonderful time for making changes in our lives and progressing forward.


Happy Birthday Taurus! Enjoy some savings on us.

Taurus: Your birthday will cause you to show off your bright personality this week! Take advantage of this opportunity to shine, and enchant everyone around you by putting on a great performance. This is the perfect time for you to break out some head-turning outfits and use a coupon code doing so.

Gemini: This week’s relation between the Sun and Mars will bring out your softer side. Instead of solving problems from a logical perspective, you should focus this wash of emotions into meeting your inner needs. Work on a personal project, such as framing photos, that will bring about feelings of nostalgia.

Cancer: You are finally being drawn out of your shell, dear Cancer! You will be surprised by how effortlessly you are able to expand your social and professional networks when you put your mind to it. This will uplift you on your path to success, so make sure you are easy to reach and connect with.

Leo: Things have been burning up for you in the career department, Leo! Improving your image could help you land that promotion you’ve got your eye on. Remember that it’s all in how you present yourself, so pick up some new and cheap business cards to impress your potential boss with.

Virgo: Step out of your comfort zone, dear Virgo! This week is all about spreading your wings, and you may find yourself faced with a chance to go abroad or meet somebody exciting. Beware of letting your tendency to avoid risks cause you to miss out on a golden opportunity.

Libra: You’ve been pleasing everybody around you at the expense of your own peace of mind. Shift the focus on your own desires for a change! The time has come for you to retreat with some good books for some self-reflection. Trust yourself, and plan your life according to how you want to live it.

Scorpio: The connection between the Sun and Mars encourages you to part with your wily ways for the sake of your karma. You’ve been piling up enemies along your path to success. The best way to heal bad relations is to be friendly yourself, though sucking up with some hand-dipped gourmet gifts couldn’t hurt either.

Sagittarius: Got the urge to move on, Sagittarius? You’re almost finished with a major project, so now is not the time to give up! Instead of letting your wanderlust get the best of you, imagine how peaceful you’ll feel after the task is finally done. You can always reward yourself with a luxurious handbag when it is all over.

Capricorn: The Sun in Taurus is shining a light on your love life. This will draw you out of your comfort zone and make you assertive. Your soulmate may not be lurking around the corner, but maybe he lives in the next town over. Dazzle potential dates with your unique fashion style!

Aquarius: Don’t be alarmed if you find that redecorating is taking up all your time this week, Aquarius. The main thing is that you’re happy with your pad, so take the time to make it comfortable for yourself.  Be sensible and aware of your home-repair budget, before you start though.

Pisces: Your curiosity is getting the better of you, and your need for intellectual stimulation will cause you to go on a quest. This exploration will prompt you to meet people from all kind of backgrounds. Plan ahead by doing research on your own before heading out into the world.

Aries: You are quite the busy bee, Aries. A lot of major projects are calling your attention and consuming your free time, but you know best that you cannot rely on others to do something the way you want it done. You can resume your carefree lifestyle once the work is done.

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