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Mommy’s Monday Savings Tips 6/11

Maybe you are disappointed in the Sunday coupon inserts this week? Maybe you do not want to cut yet another cereal coupon?CouponTrade has some great mom bloggers on board to bring you the best secrets to saving each week, so you will never miss out!

Sunday coupons

This weeks Number ONE way to save:

Do you have all of your plans for Father’s Day? I know that we always end up back home mid afternoon, after all of the house hopping is over, and often go to the movies on holidays! Well as you know, the movies is a small investment these days! RIGHT now, there are discount AMC Movie Gift Cards available, and if you buy your tickets ahead using a Fandango online coupon, you can really save a TON!

***Hidden Mommy Secret*** NEVER go on a shopping trip without planning ahead! How many times have you found a deal you could have had? Spent a few dollars more? That adds up and fast! Dollars per purchase is HUNDREDS per year. THERE is the vacation you couldn’t afford before!

This weeks Number TWO way to save:

Are you like me? Somehow, year after year I don’t realize that I want red white and blue attire until days prior to the 4th…(okay very often it is the 3rd) This year I will not be stuck getting what is left over, and I will save a bunch on Fourth of July clothes! CouponTrade has quite a few discounts for The Children’s Place, but especially25% off the Americana Collection!




Make sure to come back every week for the very best deals out there, and by the way, are you keeping track of the secrets?


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