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Mommy’s Monday Saving Tips

Back to school is approaching already, and even though it feels like the lazy days of summer will be with us forever, it is only a few weeks until the shopping begins! But should it be?


Lets look at the typical plan- Wait until August, get the school supply list, and then go shopping. It starts off exciting, and all of the kids are ready to go! It is not very long at all, however, before the crowds, achy feet and trying on bring whining, and the inevitable headache… Hundreds of dollars later we are home with a pile of new clothes and shoes.


Why not consider an alternative? Lets start today. Look at last years school supply list. Copy it. Go shopping. Start off on CouponTrade and find a few discounted gift cards and coupon codes for stores you love. From your shopping chair, click directly to clearance. Please note: You will now see winter clothing in early July- and your time is short!!! Once the new school clothes come out, clearance will turn to shorts and tank tops. NOW is the time!


This is a great way to find both basics, and items that are in style every year, and save up to 90%!


Check out my haul today!

All this for $60

This was so easy with Children’s Place Coupon Codes on CouponTrade!

Check out what is available right NOW!

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