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Guest Post~Living Green Saves Money Naturally

We know it’s good to recycle because it helps the environment. But did you know that if you help save the earth that you are also helping your wallet?


  • Every time I buy a toy at a yard sale or consignment store I am helping reduce the trash and packaging that goes into a dump.
  • I keep the windows open as long as possible each season and adjust the thermostat to the recommended settings – reducing my electricity bill and usage.
  • Plan your trips so you can do everything on one trip. Use less gas; make less trips.
  • Print on the quick option. Use less ink and spend less money.
  • Use junk mail envelopes and the bottom half of paper that you get after printing coupons to make shopping list.
  • Carry a grocery bag with you when you make a quick trip to the store and reduce your stash of plastic bags.



  • Holiday decorations can be used for many years.
  • Pass clothes down from one child to another, share with a family member, friend or buy at consignment or yard sale.
  • Don’t waste money on car wash rags. Just use old tshirts.
  • Use plastic Grocery bags for trash cans.



Find your local recycle drop off location. You can take cardboard, newspapers, plastic milk jugs and detergent bottles.
Plastic grocery bags can be recycled outside Wal-Mart or Kroger stores.


Get Paid to Be Green
CVS Bag TAGIf you shop at CVS on a regular basis, make sure you buy a Green Bag Tag for .99. You attach it to a reusable shopping bag (any bag will work) and have them scan it every trip you make to CVS. After 4 scans, you will be rewarded with $1.00 CVS Extra Bucks to use on your next shopping trip.


Recycle your metal appliances
Check with your local trash company. Many of them will allow you to recycye your metal like old washers, dryers, garage doors etc. They may even pay you for your metal.


Sharon Williams blogs about saving money in real life at Real Life Deals and about all things Hobby! at Hobbies on a Budget.

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