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CouponTrade Gift Card Selling Tips

New and improved!

Whether you’ve been selling your gift cards with us since the start, or just starting out, here’s a few tips that will help you get the most out of CouponTrade!


“Hi Mom! If you don’t buy my gift card from CouponTrade.com, I’m not coming home for Christmas this year.”


  • Share your deal with your network

Here’s an important tip you’ve probably heard before: sales is a numbers game. The more people see your deal, the more likely it is someone will buy it. Tweet your listing, post it on your Facebook page, or email the web address to anybody who might be interested.

Let the other CouponTraders get to know you by uploading a personal picture and filling out your bio information. Connect your Facebook account to your CouponTrade profile to log in easily. We’re all about community here at CouponTrade!

  • Adjust the price

Did you know that you can adjust the price of your gift card at any time? If you change your mind and want to get more for your gift card, simply raise the price! Or, if you’re worried that your deal will expire before you sell it, you can discount your deal to make it more competitive. Remember: the steeper the discount, the faster it sells!

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With CouponTrade, you can sell gift cards, buy discount gift cards, and use free online coupon codes to maximize your savings. CouponTrade enables you to spend less on the things you need in order to save for the things you love. Find gift cards, coupons, online promo codes, and fun ways to use all of the above on our blog. We always showcase the best discounts from the biggest and most popular brands-so give yourself a raise today!
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