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Friday Music Favorites!

The talented foursome of London chaps which comprises Coldplay was formed back in 1996, back when pagers were loud and cell phones were massive. Chris, Guy, Jonny, and Will have come a long way since the world heard “Yellow” through car speakers and radios everywhere in the year 2000. In November 2011, Coldplay broke iTunes download records by hitting over 500,000 downloads of their newest album Mylo Xyloto.

Check out these hand picked favorites, guaranteed to entertain or your money back!


The video’s colorful cinematics and huge elephant running around makes it hard to miss the point of the video. It takes on a cause for endangered animals around the world.


“Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”:
After watching this video it makes you want to just make some stencils and grab some spray paint. The video is so fast paced that it’s hard to want to turn if off, and also makes you want to sell out of your local pharmacies stock of dramamine.

“Lovers in Japan”:
Another colorful display of music mixed with creative art direction. The point to the video is not as easy to understand because of its already abstract and vague song title. But, it’s Friday so don’t think too hard about it and just enjoy the music and the weather!

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