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Father’s Day Deals for the Procrastinator

Father’s Day is 2 days away! I don’t know about you but I have been well aware of this calendar event for weeks now. Somehow, though, I just haven’t gotten around to getting something special for pops.


I have a strange feeling, however, that I’m not alone in this world of procrastination, and so I present to you some last minute deals I’ve found for Father’s Day.


Pops deserves something special

Keeping  it local
The first thing I kept my eye out for was printable coupons. If I can’t get anything shipped in time, perhaps I will have better luck picking something up myself. Target has loads of printable coupons that range from razors to sporting goods to his favorite coffee and candy. This is perfect for putting together a gift basket made with only dad in mind. I also found that the Sports Authority has a printable coupon for 20% off a single in-store item. As one of dad’s two daughters, I often take it upon myself to keep his walking shoes, and his style in general, out of the 19th century. One last printable coupon I found was for Aéropostale, offering 20% off any in-store purchase. Though this isn’t exactly my dad’s style, I felt this sweet deal was worth sharing.


Thoughtful gifts in a pinch

Keeping it secret
One thing I pride myself at being successful at, is deceiving my friends and family into thinking I have picked out my gift, weeks before the occasion. And I have found that magazine subscriptions are perfect for helping me do so. I can literally purchase a subscription minutes before the big gift reveal, and Dad won’t know a thing.I found that Magazine.com has a coupon code to save 71% on any ESPN subscription and USA Today has a coupon for 50% a one year subscription.


A personal Father’s Day gift

Keeping it personal
If I simply can’t get my dad’s gift in by Sunday, at least I will have had ordered it. After all, for the 22 years he has known me, my dad should realize that his little baby girl isn’t exactly the best at being on time. I found that Case-Mate is offering 20% off personalized phone cases. That’s right, I can upload my own image, making dad’s cell the coolest on the block. And speaking of personalization, I found a coupon for 15% off at Things Remembered, and a coupon for 25% off $50 at PrintCandies.com. There is nothing like saying “I love you Dad”, then having it printed on candy.


Keeping it cheap
All in all, though Father’s Day is in 2 days, and I still have time to buy.  More deals for dad are listed here on CouponTrade’s website and check out our  previous blog posts for dad: “The World’s Greatest Dad” and “Father’s Day Golf Savings”


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