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Fantasy Football Draft: Who Will You Pick?

CBS Fantasy Football


The turf is green and football friends are uniting for another year of Fantasy Football!  The first game between the Arizona Cardinals and the New Orleans Saints is officially on the books. The NFL season opener is quickly approaching & that means fantasy football season is here too! Fantasy football is great and you don’t have to be athletic at all to play! Players run the gamete from casual fan to crazy football fanatic who knows every stat out there. Depending on the type of player you are, there is a league perfect for you, and if you sign up at CBS Sports before 8/9 you can save $20 on commissioner fees.

fantasy football draft party

fantasy football draft party


The next best thing besides winning the championship is the draft. The draft can be done in many different ways but when friends create a league they can turn the draft into a party! And who doesn’t love a party? Everyone in the league will get together to eat yummy food, drink ice-cold beer & fight over their favorite players. One essential piece of every draft party is the official draft kit.  A draft kit comes with a pin up draft board, draft day worksheets, & color coded sticker sheets. CBS Sports features one of the best draft kits I’ve seen.


The draft kit really makes the party feel like a real draft & you can get Free Shipping through CBS Sports now! This draft kit also comes with pre-made labels with all the players names & blank stickers where you can write in players names like Terrell Owens who did not play in the NFL last year, so if your willing to take a risk on the player with the second most receiving yards in NFL history you can! Once your board is filled take a picture & post on CouponTrade’s Facebook for great prizes during this year’s football season!


Grab your Fantasy Football Draft Kit here.

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