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Don’t let this happen to you!

I was literally kicking myself this past week-end, for the money LOSING mistake I made! Have you ever done that? Found yourself in a situation that you have no choice but to spend too much?

This past week-end was my daughter Luci’s 5th birthday. She will be the child that drags me to the mall to beg for the most expensive, newest clothes from the most expensive stores. Saving on her will be hard! For her birthday, she wanted to go shopping. Already… So we all got ready, and made our way out to randomly shop.

As I passed by one plaza in particular, I was immediately struck with one very important thing- I neglected to stop in CouponTrade and check for discounted gift cards!


Do I need to say how many of these stores I could have gotten coupons and gift cards for? It blew my mind, and it will blow yours too- if you check out the list of available GCs and check this map…Jeesh I lost money!

Wow- it goes on and on. I think it is apparent that a stop by CouponTrade before a shopping trip could be well worth the time!

What stores do you regularly shop at? Do you make the same rounds that I do? Do you have a story about a time you had to spend too much? OR maybe your non- frugal husband made a spending mistake that you never would? That is what happened to Dina- Let us know your story in a comment!

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