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College Decorating On A Dime


“When you have your own place, you can decorate however you want” is what my mom has always told me when I try to offer my decorating expertise for our house. Now that I live in my own apartment at school, I can do just that. At first, my college budget didn’t exactly factor in decorating, but I’ve found a way to spruce things up that doesn’t break the bank!

College Dorm Decorated

Creativity lies in simplicity!


Don’t look at objects just for what they are. Look at what else they can be used for! When I see a picture frame, I think of a decorative dry erase board. When I see an old vinyl record, I think of wall decor. When I see an empty soup can, I think of a candle holder. The possibilities are endless. It’s an easy way to use less expensive everyday objects to give your place a special touch!


Here’s an example of how I turned a 3 pack of picture frames into a dry erase board:


Jot down what you need quick!


-Create 3 different collages with old scrapbooks and newspaper

-Hang one in the living room, one by your desk and one by the refrigerator

-The picture frames were less than $15 at Target

-You can write on the glass and it cleans up with water

This was achieved with under $16 at Target! The finished product looks awesome. Try it for yourself and find affordable frames with Target coupon codes & Kohl’s discounted gift cards.



Don’t forget!

This is also a super cute & inexpensive gift to give recent high school grads for their new dorm!

Move-in day always means an extra trip to the store to pick up extra lamps, furniture or a few do-dads. Don’t forget to grab some discounted gift cards before you move back! Ever dollar counts, right? Use this Kmart coupon for $5 off $45 to pick up a few frames & anything else you need! I’m excited to go back to school, but secretly I may be more excited just to decorate my new place….



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