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CouponTrade’s Mom of the Week: Joanne Young

Joanne Young: working mom, frugal saver, savvy shopper, and has the answers for all five guys in the house. She’s also CouponTrade’s Mom of the Week! She doesn’t always have a lot of extra time to spend galavanting or relaxing, but she always makes time for a sale around town.


“Hold on, I have a coupon for that!”

She’s been my mom for over 21 years, and I’ve learned everything I know about saving from her. My mom embedded the mentality of not spending a dollar more than I should on items and the importance of using coupons and deals. She was overwhelmed when I ended up working for a coupon company, she loves it!


The Mom of the week and her son, Daniel

Joanne’s Thrifty Tips of the Week:

1. Subscribe to a Sunday paper or use coupon websites and take full advantage of all coupons and sales. Start an email system with your best girlfriend and have her email you coupons she finds and vice versa.
2. Go to grocery stores like Aldi before throwing a big party. People won’t even be able to detect generic versus national brand.  You’ll find Chips, salsa, brownies all with the discount built into the price. Pro Tip: *Take generic brownies and sprinkle a little confectioners sugar on them and serve on a display plate from the dollar store -no one will ever know!
3. Take advantage of reward card systems.  Sephora, Ace Hardware, Best Buy, and Ulta all have special offers and reward accumulations that get sent directly to your email. If you’re going to buy items that you need, you might as well get some money back for it.

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