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Coupons: Making the Textbook Cheaper

$1,168. That is the average yearly spending for textbooks and supplies for a student attending a four-year public school.  Let me repeat, $1,168. There goes a good chunk of that summer change you scrounged up from babysitting the neighbors, mowing lawns, and lifeguarding at the local pool. But, you may not have to fret just yet. There are coupons that work with you to keep a few bucks in your pocket, even after the dreaded textbook purchase.



A golden rule in saving money on textbooks is to rent instead of buy. Though you have to return the book come your last final exam, you can still highlight and scribble away in the margins. More importantly, renting a textbook instead of buying one brand new, could save you anywhere from 48-60 percent.


One place to start your textbook hunt is Chegg.com, an academic hub offering low prices on rental textbooks and e-books. In addition to the money renting books can save you, Chegg offers a coupon for 5% off any online order of rental textbooks. Another great option for your search is Barnes & Noble. Offering a coupon for up to 90% off, plus free shipping, Barnes & Noble makes textbook searching almost fun… well at least a little less dreadful.


By seeking out rentals and combining the instant savings with additional coupons, purchasing the Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology or Physics: Principles with Applications can still leave you with some leftover babysitting money.

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