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Cindy Andrezejewski: CouponTrade Mom of the Week!

Cindy Andrzejewski: Mommy blogger, recipe collector, and thrifty coupon connoisseur is CouponTrade’s Mom of the Week! Cindy has offered a few expert saving tips!


Five little kids running around means Cindy’s sixth sense is saving money on essentials for her family. Special occasions, kids birthday parties, or everyday shopping doesn’t have to cost a fortune when you combine a little planning and coupons.

We like staying organized along with savings blogs. Her blog, cute-ecakes.com, provides great advice for battling high prices at the checkout.


Great moms give good advice, as well as an endless supply of PB+J sandwiches.

Cindy’s Favorite Saving Tips:
1. Do NOT do all of your shopping the day before you start cooking. You will have to pay WHATEVER the items cost that day. Instead find all the items on sale throughout the week and use a coupon!

2. Make a list, print your coupons, use it, then store the items! 50 cents doubled a few times over comes out to big savings. Buying in bulk and using coupons saves money, especially items you use week to week.

3. Entertaining on a budget? Tablecloths can be expensive at stores, make your own! Sew a few lines on a flat piece of fabric around your home. Go crazy with dollar store greenery and glasses for a beautiful table setting.

Editor’s note: I cannot say how much I love this mom. Cindy has been an inspiration to me since the moment I met her, and a great resource for all things savings! It’s moms like Cindy that make us the smart and savvy shoppers we are today! ~ Megan Marie Sullivan

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