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Bold and Cute First-Day-of-School Outfit

I walked into Mrs. Cohn’s class on the first day of kindergarten a bit timid. But, as soon as my Winnie the Pooh lunchbox with a matching thermos helped me make my very first best friend, I couldn’t wait for day two.


With science projects and math problems just around the corner, it’s worth taking a second to pick out the very memorable first-day-of-school outfit and accessories. And with their prices turned upside down,  Little Miss Matched can help you save. Offering up to 60% savings on apparel and accessories, these discounts are bound to help your child start the school year off right.



 Dressed in this yellow graphic tee on the first day of school, your child is going to make a statement. And with a price slash from $19.33 to $9.33 you are already making great strides in being #1 Mom. Paired with some black cable leggings, outfit number one is almost complete. Plus, the price reductions from $24.33 to $13.33 has already made this wardrobe 20 bucks cheaper.


Now even though the first day of school trails the last day of summer, the temps will  still be sweltering, almost guaranteeing the air conditioning will be on full blast. This Navy Zany Sweater Hoodie will add to your child’s style and comfort. Plus, this fashionable hoodie is reversible, giving you a two for one deal.



Now to finish off the outfit from head to toe, these Black Zany 2-Tone High Top  sneakers and this Neon Bow Clip Trio will do the trick.

Though this bright and bold outfit is no Winnie the Pooh, it will certainly prepare your child for another impactful year of learning! Find more back-to-school savings blogs here

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