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Best in Show!

Speaking of dogs, did you watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show the other day? Those puppehs were too cute! We decided to ask our resident dog-lover, Angie, for some tips on keeping dogs happy and healthy (as well as our wallets!)

CouponTraders are pet owners too!


Her Dog Care Tips:

  • Pets, like people, have occasional health issues, but we often don’t think of getting pet insurance until it’s too late. The decision between taking money out of savings and possibly losing your best friend? Tough.
Even ugly dogs deserve love and prizes.

Every dog has his or her own talents.

  • Opt to save on prescription medicine. Pets are really at their best in their later years, but bills for medicine can rack up quickly. Fortunately, there are national pet pharmacies that will help you and Fido really make the most of it.


  • Your dog deserves healthy food! As human beings, we learning that natural, balanced diets of unprocessed foods are better for us, and the same goes for our four-legged friends! Some of the brands that you might find at your local grocery chain are the canine-equivalent of fast food. Find a brand of healthy dog food that he or she will love.

Save on healthier dog food for your pet!

  • Play time! When you get a dog, you get a walking partner, a friend who likes to wrestle, and a natural hunter. Get a strong leash, a good pair of sneakers, and lots of toys to keep you and your friend stimulated. Remember that when you’re sitting in front of your computer, stressing about work, your dog is at home, stressing about you! So make sure you make quality time with them.
Keep your dog stimulated, entertained and happy.

Have a happy dog!

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