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Back to College Savings

The best thing about going back to school is back-to-school shopping, hands down. But do you know what is even better than shopping for that brand new highlighter or glue stick? Shopping for the dorm room!


Dorm room shopping provides the opportunity to finally part ways with your 90’s floral print drapes and  animal themed wallpaper,  and  allows you to put in your personal touches. Fortunately, for you and your room, there is no time like the present and back-to-school sales are in full bloom.


The comforter is always an important decision when shopping for college, as it will likely be the focal point in your 12 by 12 dorm room. So choose a bed spread you  LOVE and decorate around it. Are you into the plaids, florals, animal prints? Kmart coupon codes offers savings on bed sets made for campus life and its extra long beds.


And while thinking about  beds, do a bit of research about whether or not yours will be lofted. If the answer is no, bed risers are always a great solution to add more storage space to your cramped room.  Egg crate foam, mattress covers, and new pillows should also be on your checklist.


A few more necessary purchases for your dorm room are the futon, mini fridge, microwave and TV. The cheapest way to acquire these items is by answering a couple of questions: Can you use your computer to watch movies and shows in place of a TV? Can you use your bed like a futon? Can you split the purchases of the fridge and microwave with your roommate? Once you have saved on some costs by answering these questions, you can save even more with Sam’s Club coupon codes. Combined with  their whole sale prices, you are bound to have some extra pennies at the end of the day.


Next to cross off your shopping list is bathroom supplies. If you find sharing  a bathroom with your siblings hard, the public showers you may face while living in a dorm are even worse! A good pair of flip flops, a shower caddy and a bath wrap are all essentials! I found some discounted Kohl’s gift cards , perfect for stocking up on new towels and personal care products.


Once the big ticket items have been picked out and purchased, the search is on for the smaller items like extension cords and wall tacky. Best of luck on your search, and make sure to share your best bargains with us!

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